Buckhead Dental Care for Families: Optimum Dental Health for Children

Everyone is aware that brushing and flossing on a regular basis, as well as having periodic dental check-ups are some of the things necessary for optimal oral health. The teeth is not the only important thing included in maintaining dental health, but also the gums as these may pose problems too (e.g. periodontal diseases). A not so popular information, on the other hand, is that dental health maintenance must begin as soon as a child’s first tooth erupts, which usually happens between the ages of 3 to 9 months.

Dental and Oral Health for Children

Parents who are not aware of the requirement above do not schedule their child’s dental appointment immediately, thinking that their little one’s first set of teeth would eventually fall out anyway.


The Best Things about Having Straight Teeth

Back then, the only way to develop a set of healthy, straight teeth is by visiting a dentist in Buckhead at a young age to be fitted with braces or special orthodontic devices like Invisalign. Few are aware that the condition of teeth impacts the body’s mental as well as physical health.

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Improve Your Smile: Reasons to Go to a Buckhead Dentist for Invisalign

Are you ashamed of showing your teeth to everyone because you were born with a crooked set? Not to worry, because modern cosmetic dentistry has an answer to your dental woes in the form of braces. A reliable Buckhead dentist would usually recommend a person to be given braces to improve their orofacial features and fix problems such as crooked teeth, overbites, incorrect jaw position, or general disorders of jaw joints. Fixing these problems beforehand can prevent severe dental health problems in the long run, such as tooth decay, gum diseases, and even headaches and earaches.

Braces are usually used to move teeth into the ideal position and correct the malocclusion, thereby improving the person’s bite. A misaligned bite might sometimes be caused by varying degrees of crowding, where your teeth are overlapping, rotating, or, in extreme cases, growing in incorrect positions in the mouth.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

As opposed to traditional dentistry’s primary function of providing procedures that aim to treat and help prevent oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving a person’s smile and dental health. Traditional dentistry provides treatments that are deemed to be necessary, while cosmetic dentistry offer elective procedures that provide several advantages atop of having good oral health.

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Why Invisalign® Goes Beyond Cosmetics

If you have always been bothered by your crowded or crooked teeth, you can consult a dentist for braces, and he/she might recommend Invisalign® as one of your options. The “invisible braces” alternative to metal wires and brackets has become a convention these days because of the ease of using them, their cost-effectiveness, and their aesthetic advantages. They’re an advantageous choice for teens and adults who are conscious of their appearance and don’t want to wear highly noticeable conventional braces for many months or years.

Truly, clear teeth aligners changed cosmetic dentistry, but when you examine them closer, you will see that they go beyond cosmetics or vanity.

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Have a Gum Lift and Improve Your Smile

Some people may have a gummy smile, wherein there is an excessive display of gum tissue, which can make the teeth appear shorter than they actually are. This can have a negative effect on the appearance of a smile and an individual could become self-conscious about his or her appearance. Thankfully, this dental issue can be remedied through a procedure called a gum lift.

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What Causes Your Gums to Bleed?

Do your gums bleed while you’re brushing your teeth? Most adults aged 35 and above suffer from gum diseases, majority of which are suffering from gingivitis. When left unchecked by a dentist, your gums can recede, making it easy for bacteria to build up and result in tooth loss. Here are the reasons why your gums are beginning to bleed or are prone to bleeding:

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