Sink Your Teeth into the Causes of Cavities

It is a common notion that children are the only ones who get cavities. In reality, adults are just as prone to tooth decay as the kids. Cavities develop when carbohydrate-filled foods stay on the teeth and the bacteria turn them into acids. This contributes to the formation of plaque, which contains acids that remove minerals from the tooth’s outer enamel. Plaque then creates tiny holes in the enamel, which is essentially the first stage of cavities.

Dentists can detect cavities by inspecting the teeth and looking for soft spots. X-rays may also be used to check the areas between the teeth. Another sign of a cavity is if a person gets a toothache, especially after eating or drinking something sweet, cold, or hot. In some cases, pits or holes can be seen on the teeth. Continue reading


What If You Leave Dental Cavities Untreated?

Nowadays, the amount of information promoting dental hygiene makes it almost impossible to miss out on having various conditions treated, like dental cavities. Now, what if someone actually had the nerve—and craziness to boot—to leave a dental cavity as it is?

There are no studies to date which specifically detail the effects of untreated tooth decay, as well as set such facts in stone. Consider that there are about 12 million Germans with dental cavities, according to a health site, who refuse to see the dentist. Yet, why aren’t they experiencing life-threatening situations one-by-one? That said, it can be deduced that fatal dental cavities are extremely rare; still, they are entirely possible. Continue reading

What Gives Your Teeth a Dark Shade

Unfortunately, pristine teeth are among the many things in life that you can preserve only with considerable difficulty. This is because once the teeth are exposed to various elements, they lose their brightest shade and begin to acquire a darker, sometimes yellowish hue. Here are some of the most common contributing factors.


You can easily tell if a person smokes by the color of the teeth. Most smokers develop dark stains on their teeth, particularly the incisor, due to nicotine. The teeth become brownish over time as one continues smoking. The stain left on the surface of your teeth can harbor bacteria, leading to decay. Quitting smoking will prevent such condition from developing or even starting. Continue reading

Gum Lift: When Your Gums Appear in Charge

Whenever you smile, do you feel that your upper gums are more prominent than your teeth? If so, you have a “gummy smile”, a condition where an excessive amount of gingival tissue is exposed. The best smile is supposed to reveal the least amount of tissue, which isn’t the case for a gummy smile. There’s good news, though: cosmetic dentists can help make you smile more confidently.

Gummy smiles can arise from a variety of causes. The upper jaw bone may develop such that it results in an unsightly protrusion. The upper lip may be too narrow or hyperactive, revealing most of the gums when you smile. Another possible cause is an abnormal teeth eruption, where the teeth grows short and appears overshadowed by the gums. Continue reading

The Unseen Consequences of Teeth Loss

Do you think that teeth loss is just a minor cosmetic concern? Perhaps, knowing about its little-known effects will make you think twice about skipping a dental appointment after you lose one or more teeth. Aside from a poor self-esteem, teeth loss can deprive a person of the right nutrition and lead to digestive problems due to an impaired chewing ability.

Tooth decay. Chewing triggers salivary secretions, necessary to reduce bacterial accumulation that leads to plaque buildup. The lesser one chews, the less saliva is produced, the more the teeth is exposed to decay. Continue reading

Skilled Dentists in Atlanta Can Give You Back Your Smile with Dentures

Teeth are a lot more fragile than most people think as tooth decay and gum diseases take their toll on them and eventually result in their removal, either through extraction or natural loss. For many who have lost some or most of their teeth, it can be embarrassing to smile; however, experienced dentists in Atlanta would be able to help by providing you with dentures.

Dentures have been around for a long time; the first examples of artificial teeth can be traced back to 500 BC. These days, a lot of people are keen on dental implants, but not everyone is a good candidate for them, whether financially or medically. Dentures provide these individuals with another great option to replace their missing teeth.