Taking Care of the Chipped Front Teeth

You may very well be familiar with a popular Yuletide song about wanting to have two front teeth as a Christmas present. Consider yourself fortunate then, if a chipped front teeth is all you have to contend with. Such issues are often easily (and affordably) resolved by competent cosmetic dentists everywhere. Continue reading


5 Regular Dental Services to Expect from the Best Dentist in Atlanta

Your local Atlanta dentist could do more than just clean your teeth or pull out your damaged tooth and send you home with a clean bill of dental health. In fact, she may be able to perform a whole range of different dental procedures to accommodate the more common needs and problems many patients have. Below are some of the regular services you can expect from the best dentist in Atlanta:
Teeth Whitening – is a dental procedure that reduces tooth discoloration and staining. Discoloration occurs mainly because of chemicals that affect the teeth’s enamel. These types of chemicals may be found in beverages, such as coffee or tea, in medications and in cigarettes, and at times, as a reaction from a disease. There are different ways to whiten teeth that include chemical-induced whitening, use of mild acids, abrasive teeth whitening, and laser, which is the latest method of teeth whitening in the market.

What Do People Fear Most about Dental Visits?

What may seem like normal sights and sounds inside a typical dental office for most people may cause some to feel anxious and panicky, at times even reaching a point where they avoid meeting with the dentist altogether. What exactly are people afraid of when they visit a dentist? Whichever of the items below you fear most about dental visits, worry not, for most dentists can make you feel at ease, thanks to today’s many technological marvels. Continue reading

Teeth Grinding and Dental Damage: How a Reliable Dentist in Atlanta Can Help

Teeth Grinding is the habit of clenching, gnashing, and grinding one’s teeth. Though it may sound like a fairly rare condition, in truth, millions of adults and children all over the world suffer from it. Although teeth grindings exact cause is unknown, one recent study suggests that it is actually a response to increased social stress.
According to a study by Tel Aviv University researchers, anxiety experienced in social circumstances increases the risk of bruxism. The research, led by Dr. Ephraim Winocur of the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at TAU’s School of Dental Medicine and conducted by TAU doctoral student Roi Skopski in collaboration with researchers at Geha Mental Health Center, discovered that socially anxious people are likely to experience teeth grinding when interacting with others.

Pediatric Dentists in Atlanta: How to Prepare Children for Check-ups

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child has to undergo his first dental exam once his first baby tooth voluntarily falls off on or before his first birthday. While biannual visits are recommended for adults, the frequency for young children depends on their risks of tooth decay, overall health and current ages.
Only when the child reaches a year older and above will the recommended six-month visits be applicable, but the number of visits may still increase or lessen depending on the results of each check-up. Given the differences between caring for the dental health of children as opposed to adults, the former are best handled by pediatric dentists for their specialized training.

The Best Dentist in Atlanta, GA

Often, people like to convince themselves that whichever dentist they’re currently patronizing is the best. However that assumption almost seems like a mere consoling façade, considering that they haven’t tried them all. Sure you can go online and check out a couple of reviews, but then again those are just subjective comments based on relative experiences. So how do you decide who’s the best? Continue reading

Is There an Age Range for Teeth Whitening with your Cosmetic Dentist?

Americans have always been keen to go for teeth whitening procedures, with some enthusiastic DIY fans even buying their own teeth whitening products ever since the first in-home teeth whitening system was introduced to the public in 1989. Teeth whitening has since become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in the nation.
Not all people are good candidates for the procedure, though. Pregnant and lactating women are advised to hold off on teeth whitening until otherwise given an all-clear by their dentist or doctor. People with allergies, gum disease and oversensitivity, cavities, and those requiring dental work, such as fillings, crowns, and restorations, are also advised to wait until pending medical or dental issues are resolved. The patient’s age may also be a factor.