What to Do If You Chip Your Tooth

Chipped teeth are unfortunately common, and they can be caused by falling, sudden impact, biting something hard, or various other accidents. A chipped tooth may be a cosmetic problem in nature, or it may cause bleeding, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you have a chipped tooth, it is important to know how to deal with it properly.

Steps to Take When You Chip Your Tooth

Initially, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and apply pressure on it with a clean cloth if needed to stop any bleeding. You may take an over-the-counter painkiller to alleviate pain. Even if the chip is small or seemingly minor, applying pressure to the chipped tooth through talking, eating, or other activities can be painful and may cause additional damage.

Therefore, anyone with a chipped tooth should receive dental care quickly. For minor issues, the dentist may polish and smooth the affected area, or a filling or bonding agent may be used to smooth the area. Crowns, caps or veneers may also be used for teeth that are moderately damaged. If the tooth is severely damaged, a root canal or a dental implant may be used.

Chipping your tooth can be an inconvenience if the issue is minor, or it can be a truly painful experience that requires significant dental work to remedy the situation. After you have taken steps to stop the bleeding and alleviate the pain, you can contact your dental office to determine how quickly you should receive dental treatment for your chipped tooth.


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