Oral Cancer Screening: Do Any of Your Dentists Offer the Service?

When you think about visiting the dentist, you may think about things like fluoride treatments, x-rays and even fillings for cavities. These are among the more common dental services, and most dental offices in the Atlanta area provide these treatments and services. However, the best dentist also goes a step above and beyond this to help you with all aspects of oral health, such as oral cancer prevention.

Oral cancer is often difficult for individuals to detect on their own, but dentists have the knowledge and expertise to look for signs and symptoms. Early detection is beneficial because it means that treatment can begin sooner for the best overall outcome.


Causes of Dental Fear and How Dentists Help Their Patients Overcome It

Forget ghosts, zombies, giant spiders, or any other monsters. For some people, going to the dentist is more horrifying than any monster you’ll find in movies. Thus, they just avoid dental appointments as much as possible, even when they have serious dental problems.

As you can figure out, fear of the dentist will have repercussions sooner or later, and they extend beyond dental health. One of these repercussions is depression. Dental Fear Central states that dental phobia, the most extreme kind of dental fear, may lead to depression. Even if you take care of your teeth as much as you can, there will be situations that will need the expertise of a dentist. Without the dentist’s advice, the teeth will incur damages.

Consult Leading Atlanta Dentists for Gum Treatment Solutions and More

In a joint undertaking between Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine and the University Hospitals Case Medical Center’s urology and pathology departments, researchers studied 27 adult men who recently had a prostate biopsy and had at least 18 teeth intact. They were found to have elevated prostate specific antigens (PSA) levels. Similarly, all of them had problems with moderate or severe periodontal disease.

Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by taking care of your oral health. This starts by seeing trusted dentists such as Dr. Jolanda Warren of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry on a regular basis. This way, any gum issues that may be developing can be addressed before it gets worse.

Pediatric Dentists in Atlanta: How to Prepare Children for Check-ups

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child has to undergo his first dental exam once his first baby tooth voluntarily falls off on or before his first birthday. While biannual visits are recommended for adults, the frequency for young children depends on their risks of tooth decay, overall health and current ages.
Only when the child reaches a year older and above will the recommended six-month visits be applicable, but the number of visits may still increase or lessen depending on the results of each check-up. Given the differences between caring for the dental health of children as opposed to adults, the former are best handled by pediatric dentists for their specialized training.

Atlanta Dentists Can Help You Prevent Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Teeth grinding is a big threat to your teeth’s health, deteriorating their state the longer you put off treatment. A dentist in Atlanta, GA with sleep dentistry knowledge would recommend certain treatments for you. Among these is to wear a custom-made night guard while you sleep. This appliance will protect your teeth from the effects of grinding and lessen the pressure on your gums that may cause pain in the morning.

Night guards are made of acrylic materials that are designed to separate the teeth while you sleep at night. Although there are night guards available at drugstores, it is more ideal to use one that is specially tailored for your mouth. Over-the-counter night guards often cause discomfort and pain when worn for a long time because they are not properly fitted to a patient’s mouth.

Atlanta Dentists Warn You About the Health Perils of Periodontitis

Having a set of white and sparkling teeth isn’t the only sign of a healthy mouth – a healthy mouth also entails healthy gums, something that can be achieved through regular brushing and flossing. In much the same way your bones protect your internal organs, your gums help protect your teeth and keep them where they are supposed to be. Improper gum care, however, can cause oral diseases like periodontitis, which could then lead to a slew of complications if not treated by a trusted dentist in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta Dentists Encourage Teaching Kids about Proper Tooth Brushing

Ideally, kids should be brushing their teeth as soon as they turn two or three years old, and this requires effort on your part as a parent to impress upon them the importance of clean teeth. Aside from regular visits to trusted Atlanta dentists, brushing their teeth is essential in maintaining a healthy mouth. However, most parents have difficulties in getting their kids to practice good oral hygiene habits, according to a recent study conducted by Delta Dental.

Difficulty in Getting Kids to Brush

In their survey of over 1,300 parents, nearly half of them admitted that convincing their children to brush their teeth is among the most difficult things they have to do, along with getting their young ones to eat vegetables regularly and help with household chores. Moreover, almost half of them also said that it was difficult to get their children to floss regularly.